Artist Emma Tingård, Stockholm Sweden

Saatchi representerade konstnären Emma Tingård rör sig i sin konst från realism till pop och street art. Hon har flertalet internationella utställningar bakom sig och hennes konst har synts i tidningar som brittiska Vogue Magazine och franska Peel Mag. Hennes konst har fått ett stort intresse utomlands både hos privata samlare och gallerier. Nuvarande projekt involverar bland annat ett modesamarbete med designern Zena Presley och up and coming varumärket Egoist Mondial.

Emma Tingård is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm. She has exhibited in multiple venues throughout Europe, and has been featured on several International magazines, Vogue Magazine (UK) being the latest. Her artworks, mainly portraits of strangers with captivatingly odd features, aim at depicting her personal insight into the model´s personality, which translates into ample strokes of vivid colors on a graffiti inspired outline; this technical approach is particularly evident in her series of street art driven works. Her current project involves, among other things, a collaboration with fashion designer Zena Presley and the up and coming design company Egoiste Mondiale.

"All my artwork is based on two ideas: the color communicability and movement by improvisation. My creative process starts with a feeling, an unspoken image with an end result that often surprises not only my audience but also myself. It's like a game where the final object hides in the unconscious. A timeless process without thoughts or words. 
Portraits is a favourite theme. I love the human face. You can read so much about a person by simply looking at them closely. What they’ve been through, everything. I love the challenge of finding a specific detail in a person’s face which tells me something about their personality. I don’t really plan who I’m going to paint, I’ll be walking down the street and I’ll fall in love with someone’s characteristics: I love ears, big noses, eyes, and faces with a lot of character. It’s usually much more interesting to paint someone who isn’t “perfect”. And if they are, I’ll often make a change somewhere, to make them more real to me. I’m not interested in painting images which look like photographs. I want to express people’s personality, or even their soul, through the colours I see when I look at them.
I´m an autodidact artist. I decided early on not to choose the classic way where arts education is an integral part but instead go my own way where there is no right or wrong, no predetermind  ugly or beautiful. I wanted to let my own design language develope without framing my mental approach. 
I get my inspiration from what speaks to me for the moment. It could be a documentary photograph in a newspaper, a mural I pass, a fabric's texture or people I pass on the street. My artistic mission is for me to transform these impressions into art. To create a dimension where the viewer meets reality by the way I see it."

Biography and upcoming Events

Live Performance/Painting - Stockholm October 1st 2016
Vivrant / Jeremy Olander Party 

Group Exhibition, Amnesty Sweden, Stockholm, April 24th 2016

Public Art, Design/ illustration Red Bull fridges, April 2016

Solo exhibition, SO, Oslo, Jan - April 2016

Public Mural, Stockholm Oct 2015

Public Mural, Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm Nov 2015

Interior Design project, Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm May - Nov 2015

Solo Exhibition

Scandic Vulkan, Oslo, May - Oct 2015

Solo Exhibition

Skönhetspalatset Göteborg, March - Aug 2015

Group Exhibition 
Vista Palace Gallery, May - Sep 2014
Portraits, colored animals 

Solo Exhibition 
Urban Deli, May - June 2014
Portraits, abstracts, street art

Solo Exhibition 
Story Hotel, March 2014
Design Hotel, Stockholm
Portraits, colored animals and abstracts

Public Decoration, Urban Deli, Stockholm
February 2014
Wallpainting, 2m2

Saatchi Online Gallery
February 2014
"Pojkdrömmar", hand picked by Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson
to be part of the online collection, Februrary 2014.

Exhibition /Fundacao, Centro Cultural de Belem - CCB Lisboa
September 2013. Presented by USIA

PriMaten Deli, 2013
Life Style Whole Food Boutique , Uppsala
Design, art, Interior koncept

Saatchi Gallery, 2013
Portrait of Dijle, hand picked by curator Rebecca Wilson 
to be a part of their New This Week Collection, April 2013.

Decoration and Conceptualization 
Urban Deli Sickla, 2013
Rewarded Lifestyle Restaurant, Stockholm
Art sprayed directly on walls. Restaurant and Bathroom area.
Decoration outdoor dining area, tables.

Story Hotel, 2013
Design Hotel, Stockholm
A mix of Street Art and Fine art inspired Exhibition. Portraits and abstracts.

Solo Exhibition Shoreditch Town Hall, 2013
Shoreditch Town Hall, London
Portraits only. Half the exhibition was sold before opening day.

"Contemporary Drawing 2012"
Exhibition at Art Space Gallery, 2012
Three portraits exhibited by selection of a jury of curators.
Art Space Gallery, Lausanne Schweiz.

Urban Deli Nytorget, 2012
Rewarded Lifestyle Restaurant, Stockholm
Interior project. Reconstruction of Bathroom Area.

Stockholms Matvarufabrik, 2012
Classic Restaurant, Stockholm
Interior project. Reconstruction of Bar and Restaurant Area.

Surdegshotellet, 2012
In media favorite concept "Surdegshotellet" at Bageriet, Skånegatan 76, Stockholm
Decoration and conceptualization.

Urban Deli Nytorget, 2012
Design Hotel, Stockholm
A mix of Street Art and Fine art inspired Exhibition. Portraits and abstracts.

Bageriet, 2011
Bakery and Café, Skånegatan 76, Stockholm
Interior project. Conceptualization and design. Art direct on walls.

The Immigrant, Tarantino Production U.S.A
Twister Production, Francesco Valentino World, Seven Frames Sweden, Nokras Film Spain

Website for designed sofa covers, KEAS, 2010
All illustrated media for web shop and homepage.